Firmengebäude der Haas & Co. Magnettechnik GmbH.

Company profile

Haas & Co. Magnettechnik GmbH is constantly working on achieving the best possible quality in development, production & service work and thus qualifying itself permanently as a reliable and efficient partner for customers and suppliers.

All products and services are customized exactly to the individual needs and should result in the greatest possible value in the specific field of application.

The company stands for cooperation in a spirit of partnership and the greatest possible responsibility towards people and the environment. Haas Magnettechnik assumes this responsibility as far as possible along the entire value chain.

Upstream, in the supply chain, this means in particular demanding and checking our own social, environmental, safety and labor standards from suppliers and working proactively to improve them.

Downstream, this means avoiding customer relationships that obviously do not share the company's values.

Locally in Wiesbaden, the company is also committed to social and societal issues.

Within the scope of economic and technical possibilities, energy consumption and the use of materials in the office and production are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the emission data of all relevant products are collected and a certified CO2e compensation is offered.

Based on the demand for quality and the responsibility towards people and the environment, the goal is to manufacture high-quality products in a sustainable working and production environment.

In doing so, the company follows the basic principle of continuous improvement of internal processes as well as consistent training and further education of employees.

Beyond these goals, innovation, tolerance and a constructive error culture ensure the economic success of Haas Magnettechnik.