Magnetic ABC

General information

  1. The holding forces have been determined at room temperature on a polished 10mm thick steel plate (S235JR in accordance with DIN 10 025) by pulling the magnet vertically from the surface (1kg~10N). A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified values is possible in exceptional cases. In general, the value will be exceeded.
  2. Small cracks in the magnet do not influence holding forces.
  3. Dimension A refers to the length by which the bar magnet could be shortened without being damaged.
  4. The holding force will be reduced by up to 15% due to magnetic short circuits when the bar magnet is mounted directly onto iron. In order to avoid this, certain distances between the brass coat of the bar magnet and the iron have to be maintained. These distances should also be kept at the rear end in case the bar magnet was shortened by dimension A and then mounted onto iron.