FERRObase Iron paper

Ferro Paper - Ferrous Paper for Printing

FERRO paper is a ferrous, extremely thin paper material. In combination with anisotropic MAGNETOflex magnet foil it is perfect for shop advertising areas that have non-ferrous substructures. Magnet foil is adhered to the substructure, with the FERRO paper then being placed on top of it. Because it is very thin – 0.18 mm thick – it is easy to print on using any digital printing procedure. Large formats with a width of up to 1270 mm are also possible. On top of this, the material can be transported and shipped at low cost because it is light-weight.

FERRO paper is simple to handle. It is easy to place it on a surface, to remove it again and again and to put it back in the same place or to change its position. This makes the material a cost-effective solution for areas where motifs change frequently or for sales campaigns.