Magnetfolien, Magnet- und Displaybänder


MAGNETOflex label holders and rails are a flexible solution for labeling places in warehouses which can be expanded as needed and changed whenever required.

Etikettenhalter und Etikettenleisten für Regale mit selbstklebendem oder magnetischem Rücken.

Use label holders for individual labels. Label holders can cover the entire shelf width. It is incredibly fast and easy to place labels on rails, as is their subsequent movement and replacement. Barcodes remain readable.

Label holders and label holder rails are a good practical solution when labeling needs to be variable, e.g. in the case of self-printed labels. They can be used on any type of shelf, are made of impact-resistant hardened PVC and equipped with magnetic or self-adhering backs as desired. We will be glad to cut these to your specifications.