MAGNETOflex® Magnetic foils

Magnetic foils - self-adhesive, printable, strong adhesion

We offer magnetic foils from 0.3 mm to 6.00 mm material thickness, with different surfaces, self-adhesive, heat-resistant and printable.

MAGNETOflex is the ultimate product among magnetic foils. Permanently magnetic foils are extruded or calendared from flexible plastic and barium and/or strontium ferrite using thermoplastic binding agents. They hold on all surfaces containing iron as well as the ferro products in our portfolio.

MAGNETOflex magnetic foils have a coating to protect the magnetic surface and are highly resistant to solvents, acids and alkalis. The foils can be used without reservation in the manufacture of children’s toys of all kinds as well as didactical learning material. To eliminate possible health risks, as far as possible, we have MAGNETOflex magnetic foils regularly tested for skin irritations by the Fresenius Institute.

Some examples of fields of application are:

  • car magnets (IR07 and IW08 are suitable for up to 200 km/h if handled in accordance with intended use)
  • storage labeling
  • frequently changing warning and information signs
  • advertising signs
  • planning and organizing systems (including numbers, letters, symbols and photos)
  • traffic and crowd control
  • demonstration materials
  • displays, decorative materials, shop advertising areas
  • games (according to EN 71 part 3)
  • industrial fixing, sealing, fastening and locking technology

Types and features:

MAGNETOflex magnetic foils are available as semi-anisotropic and anisotropic types. Both designs are flexible and absolutely kink resistant. The anisotropic design is based on a magnetic foil with enhanced holding power.

The following forms are available:

  • raw
  • white, sealed PVC
  • colour coated
  • printed
  • self-adhesive (with standard and special glues)
  • in WhiteBoard
  • cut
  • punched
  • plottet

Standard colours for colour coating are: black, yellow, light red, pastel orange, light blue, light green and light grey.

MAGNETOflex can be used at temperatures ranging from approximately -20 °C to + 50 °C and can at the same time be exposed to higher temperatures for brief periods. Possible uses should definitely be checked in advance, however.

MAGNETOflex magnetic foils are printable in silkscreen and digital printing. We will be glad to supply you with a sample for test printing.