Magnetfolien, Magnet- und Displaybänder


Store your logistics papers safe and secure and easily accessible, for instance for shipping and order picking with pallet cages or machinery with ferrous surfaces. This protects your papers while still keeping them readable.

Magnettaschen mit Öffnung an der Seite und transparenter Klarsichtfolie.

MAGNETOflex magnetic tapes:

  • can be scanned through transparent foil
  • adhere magnetically to all ferrous surfaces
  • are light and easy to position in new places, but do not slip or slide out of position.

Available are the magnetic tapes in three versions: Type 1 is semi adherent. It can be fastened at the upper edge. The second model, type 2, is fully adherent. The product line also provides a label-holder which is equipped with a magnet on the entire surface for fastening.

The magnetic tapes are generally open on one side. In horizontal format the broad side is open, in vertical format the narrow side. In addition to standard formats, we of course also supply a wide variety of customized types (colour, ad prints, embossed, optional open sides etc.).