MAGNETOflex® Magnetic Tapes

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes as rolls or blanks

Self-adhesive magnetic tapes for mountings and closures. Self-adhesive and strong adhesion, in rolls or cut to size.

MAGNETOflex magnetic tapes are flexible, semi-anisotropic permanently magnetic tapes with very high quantities of barium-ferrite and/or strontium ferrite that are extruded to endless tapes or profiles.

The tapes can be used in a wide range of fixing and fastening systems, construction of displays, exhibition and fair booths, teaching material, signs, advertising articles, organization and planning.


Magnetization is generally performed in a stripe along the length of one side. Other types of magnetization and shapes are possible. Just ask us.

Special paired magnetization, in which two tapes are attracted to each other in pairs by means of shifting the poles, can be supplied in different designs. This mode of magnetization is used, for example, in shower cubicles, packaging, displays, poster stands, locking systems, exhibitions and fairs.

Available types

MAGNETOflex permanently magnetic tapes are available in numerous widths ranging from 10 - 50mm, thicknesses of 1.0 – 2.0mm and various lengths of 50 and 100m. Custom-made length are available on request.

The following types can be supplied:

  • raw material in rolls or pre-cut
  • white or color PVC coating
  • self-adhering with a variety of double-faced adhering tapes (using standard or special glues) for all conceivable areas of application