Magnetfolien, Magnet- und Displaybänder


Companies can label shelf positions in a variable manner with MAGNETOflex storage labels. They can be replaced in a matter of seconds and do not leave behind any residue, making them particularly ideal for areas in which article or position numbering is to be reorganized quickly and without a hitch. Glues frequently do not adhere in very cold environments, and thus fail to hold well. That is why we also recommend magnetic solutions for deep-freeze areas, as the storage labels adhere to all FERROus surfaces as well as our ferro products and have a very long lifetime.

Lageretiketten, haftend auf allen eisenhaltigen Untergründen mit sehr hoher Lebensdauer.

The following types can be supplied:

  • white
  • raw
  • colored
  • self-adhering
  • magnetic on both sides

In addition to standard sizes, we will be glad to provide you with the sizes or colors you desire to go with your warehouse.