Magnetowand für magnethaftende Wände mit großer Auswahl an Magneten und Magnethaken zur Anbringung.

The walls in offices and working spaces are often left unused, at best serving decorative purposes. This is a waste of valuable wall space. With magnetowall® these walls become magnetically attractive. Magnets can help free desks of notes, plans, posters and drawings. magnetowall® keeps things tidy and orderly, providing a ready overview of the office, with information always being in view.

magnetowall® can be mounted quickly and easily, either only in specifically desired tiled portions or across an entire wall. The tiles can be laid either over or under wallpaper. There is a wide choice of magnets and magnetic hooks available with various strengths.

magnetowall® comes in corrosion-protected, stress-free metal tiles measuring 500 x 500 mm and approximately 0.5 mm thick. The packing units include the adhesive, spatula and filler. If magnetowall® is intended for mounting over wallpaper, the tiles are supplied with a white surface.