Permanent magnet grids


Magnetfilterstäbe und -gitter aus starken Magnetstäben.

Permanent magnetic meshes or filter rods can be used to remove iron particles from finished products being transported in funnels and piping systems. The magnetic meshes are composed of strong magnetic rods that guarantee thorough removal of iron from the products that are dropped through the mesh. The iron particles adhere to the filter rods. Our products are suited for solid and fluid products.

The end pieces are not welded with standard products and hence only suited for standard industrial applications. We will be glad to produce filter rods for use in the food area and in fluids.

We offer suitable systems for almost every possible use. We will be glad to receive your enquiry and send you our product flyer including additional technical details.

Permanent magnet grids details
Skizze Magnetfilterstäbe.
  • hard ferrite
  • bilateral screwed bush
  • stainless steel housing
  • NdFeB
  • bilateral screwed bush
  • stainless steel housing