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Self adhesive magnetic tapes

as rolls or cuttings

We offer our tapes in a wide range (width, length, material thickness and adhesive). The tape has a very high adhesive force and thus enables versatile magnet solutions. Likewise, special designs are conceivable for every special magnetic case. Whether the magnetic tape should connect objects, be used for labeling in the freezer area or be suitable for use at higher temperatures, we will find the right magnetic product for your surfaces with you.

Magnetoflex Magnetband Rollenware

Magnetic tapes from professional

MAGNETOflex® magnetic tapes are available from us in rolls or cut to size and in numerous special designs. For our adhesive applications, we only work with professionals such as Tesa, 3M and Lohmann. We equip the tapes according to your wishes with foam adhesives, permanent adhesives or with removable adhesives. This way, our magnetic tapes always meet your individual applications.

Technical characteristics

Technically, these are flexible, semi-anisotropic magnets which are extruded (sprayed) into strips or profiles. The magnetic tape has a very high barium ferrite and/or strontium ferrite content. Generally, the magnetization of the magnetic strips takes place on one side in the form of a strip in the longitudinal direction. Other magnetization types and shapes are possible, please send us your inquiry.

Self adhesive display tape for congruent mounting


Display tapes are ideal for connecting display webs for folding displays, PopUps and in trade fair construction with seamless transitions. They are absolutely congruent thanks to paired magnetization and at the same time easy to distinguish thanks to the special marking with a groove in the middle of the tape. We use high quality brand adhesives in the production of the display tapes, which fit all commercially available systems.

Display tape precise fit and strong adhesion

For easier handling, the two tapes are marked differently: Type A (south pole) is provided with a groove and complements type B (north pole), which has no marking. The opposite polarization ensures that the display bands are congruent with each other. This is optimal, for example, to connect displays with each other.

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Our magnetic tapes at a glance

Magnetic tapes in a wide range with different features

Do you rely on quality where it is needed? With us you can order durable and robust magnetic tapes for flexible use. In addition to numerous standard variants, we also keep the magnetic tape available in practical special versions that are particularly well suited for individual areas of application. Our employees are available to advise you right from the start. We offer the MAGNETOflex magnetic tapes in:

  • different widths
  • different lengths
  • numerous practical special designs
  • different material thicknesses

Rely on a high adhesive force


Even though every magnetic tape from our company can be flexibly adapted to your wishes, all solutions have one thing in common: they are characterized by a particularly high adhesive force, so that they offer excellent hold from the start. Our magnetic solutions are designed to be versatile, so that we succeed in covering a large part of the application areas. We are also happy to provide you with high-quality magnetic tapes for special applications. Thereby an application on completely different surfaces is possible.

Match the magnetic tapes optimally to the application

To ensure that you are completely satisfied with your magnetic tape, it is important that it is matched to its intended use. So before you buy, consider whether it has to withstand high temperatures in the long term or whether you want to label it flexibly. With the right equipment, our magnetic tapes are also suitable for use in deep-freeze areas. In particular, our self-adhesive magnetic tapes are a reliable choice for various sealing and fastening techniques. Would you like comprehensive advice or do you still have questions about our products? Then the best thing to do now is to contact our experts by phone. We will be happy to assist you with advice.

Standard range with high warehouse availability

Magnetic tape / Display tape, type A + type B, self adhesive, semi-anisotropic

Item number Material thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Type Adhesive*
DBIR12,7x1,5/Standard-30A 1,5 12,7 30 A (with groove) Standard
DBIR12,7x1,5/Standard-30B   12,7   B (no marking)  
DBIR25,4x1,5/Standard-30A   25,4   A (with groove)  
DBIR25,4x1,5/Standard-30B   25,4   B (no marking)  
DBIR12,7x1,5/Premium-30A 1,5 12,7 30 A (with groove) Premium
DBIR12,7x1,5/Premium-30B   12,7   B (no marking)  
DBIR25,4x1,5/Premium-30A   25,4   A (with groove)  
DBIR25,4x1,5/Premium-30B   25,4   B (no marking)  

Magnetic tape, self adhesive, anisotropic

Item number Material thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) Adhesive*
MBIR10x1,0/9448A-5 1 10 5 3M 9448A
MBIR15x1,0/9448A-5   15    
MBIR20x1,0/9448A-5   20    
MBIR25x1,0/9448A-5   25    
MBIR30x1,0/9448A-5   30    
MBIR40x1,0/9448A-5   40    
MBIR50x1,0/9448A-5   50    
MBIR10x1,0/9448A-30 1 10 30 3M 9448A
MBIR15x1,0/9448A-30   15    
MBIR20x1,0/9448A-30   20    
MBIR25x1,0/9448A-30   25    
MBIR30x1,0/9448A-30   30    
MBIR40x1,0/9448A-30   40    
MBIR50x1,0/9448A-30   50    
MBIR10x1,5/9448A-30 1,5 10 30 3M 9448A
MBIR15x1,5/9448A-30   15   3M 9448A
MBIR19x1,5/Premium-30   19   Premium
MBIR20x1,5/9448A-30   20   3M 9448A
MBIR25x1,5/9448A-30   25   3M 9448A
MBIR30x1,5/9448A-30   30   3M 9448A
MBIR40x1,5/9448A-30   40   3M 9448A
MBIR50x1,5/9448A-30   50   3M 9448A
MBIR15x2,0/9448A-30 2 15 30 3M 9448A
MBIR20x2,0/9448A-30   20    
Magnetic tape, raw material, semi-anisotropic
Item number Material thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m)
MBIR10x1,0-200-BR 1 10 200
MBIR15x1,0-200-BR   15  
MBIR20x1,0-200-BR   20  
MBIR25x1,0-200-BR   25  
MBIR30x1,0-200-BR   30  
MBIR40x1,0-200-BR   40  
MBIR50x1,0-200-BR   50  
MBIR10x2,0-100-BR 2 10 100
MBIR15x2,0-100-BR   15  
MBIR20x2,0-100-BR   20  
MBIR25x2,0-100-BR   25  
MBIR30x2,0-100-BR   30  
MBIR40x2,0-100-BR   40  
MBIR50x2,0-100-BR   50  
Standard Tissue carrier with strong acrylic adhesive
Premium PET carrier with strong acrylic adhesive
3M 9448A Tissue carrier with very strong acrylic adhesive
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