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Thin rolled metal foil

as an adhesive base for magnets

Ferrofoil, ferro (FE) for iron, is an excellent substrate material to equip surfaces for magnetic applications. The thin material thickness of the foil allows easy cutting, processing and printing. In the basic version, we supply two different material thicknesses, each with one side paper-coated and the reverse side blank. On request, we can also equip the foils with self-adhesive or apply a matt surface.

The iron foil is used everywhere where a surface should be equipped with magnetic adhesion, but not too thick. For example, the foils are often used as self-adhesive sandwich material in magnetic calendars or children's books in order to work with a magnet on them.

Technical background

Technically, FERRO metal foil is a thin rolled electrolytic galvanized steel foil. "Ferro" we use as a prefix for all our ferrous products. The brand name FERRObase is composed of the Latin word ferrum "iron" and the English word base "base area".

Magnetic and magnetically adhesive

Metal foils are magnetically adhesive, while magnetic foils are magnetic. We explain the difference between "magnetic" and "magnetic adhesive" in the section Expertise & Downloads.

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Our metal foils at a glance

Metal foil as carrier material for magnetic applications

If you would like to use magnetic applications, but cannot find a suitable surface for this, you can help out with the metal foil from our offer. The thin-rolled metal foil can be flexibly attached to various surfaces. To facilitate the installation, the foil is self-adhesive. We will be happy to supply you directly to measure.

From our many years of experience, we know that Ferro Foil can be used especially well for the production of display items, magnetic writing and game boards, magnetic calendars, promotional items, teaching aids, games, memo boards, as well as for exhibition and trade fair construction.

But also our customers surprise us with new ideas. Equipped with a removable foam adhesive, the film can be self-adhesively attached to a wall and thus becomes a great playground for magnet & co.

Order the metal foil in your desired version

We offer you the metal foil in your favorite design. Decide for

  • different material thicknesses
  • optionally with paper coating on one side
  • blank backside
  • self-adhesive
  • matt surface

To ensure that the metal foil is suitable for holding magnets without restrictions, it contains iron. They have proven themselves as sandwich material in various fields of application and are used, for example, in children's books, but also in calendars. In particular, the self-adhesive foils are very easy to process yourself.

Order the metal foil in rolls for flexible use

If you want to use the metal foil as needed, the roll material is the ideal choice. This is offered by us with a width of up to 900 millimeters. In addition, we keep the metal foil in this form with a length of up to 100 meters. The foil is very stable, so that further processing by plotting or cutting is not possible, but it can be punched. Benefit at this point from the associated stability and robustness. If you have any further questions about our metal foil, please do not hesitate to contact our staff. We are available to advise you and help you choose the right offer.

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