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Extremely strong adhesion

Neodymium magnetic foils and tapes

The material neodymium is characterized in particular by its extremely strong adhesive force. Just like fixed magnets, the neodymium magnetic foils adhere reliably to all ferrous surfaces, with the advantage that you can fine-tune the adhesive force.

We offer our flexible neodymium magnetic foil as sheet material in the dimensions 400 mm x 300 mm. Of course, we can produce any shape you require within these dimensions.

In addition, you also have a wide choice of high-quality adhesives (Tesa, 3M, Lohmann) and surface finishes for our neodymium foils and tapes.

Neodymium foils and tapes The material in detail



Neodymium foils and tapes are composed of a neodymium iron boron powder, chlorinated polyethylene and EU compliant plasticizers. As much as the material excites with its adhesive strength, it is sensitive to temperatures that are too high or too low. Above 30 °C, the material loses approx. 2% of its adhesive force every 10 °C or so.

Just like the other MAGNETOflex products®, our neodymium magnetic foils and neodymium magnetic tapes can be easily processed with scissors, knives, cutting machines or punches. For exact results in high quantities, we offer our plotting service and create any desired shape for you within the dimensions of the sheet material.

Neodymium: conflict raw material An eye on the supply chain

Neodymium is a rare earth metal and comes mainly from Chinese mines.

Especially in view of the "Due Diligence Act" or the "Supply Chain Act", which will be passed in 2021, we would like to inform you about our commitment and introduce ourselves as a well-prepared business partner. Since 2011 we have been considering the risks in our own supply chain and can confirm that with our products you will have no difficulties to comply with the new law. Read more!

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