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Make magnet lines visible for QM, teaching and much more

What makes our pole sensor film special

Already at first glance you can see the difference between our pole sensor film and all others on the market. Instead of a greenish, coarse structure, you can expect a light green fine structure with our product. Unlike the magnetic field cards of our competitors, the magnetic lines remain visible long after they have been applied.

You can get the foils from us as a whole sheet in 400 mm x 350 mm or already as a finished product that is worth seeing.

Polsenor foil, flux detector foil and magnetic line foil - are there differences?

The simple and correct answer: No. There are different terms for the foil, which all mean the same thing. All foils for visualizing magnetic fields consist of many tiny iron particles that are encapsulated and float freely in oil. The oil with the iron particles is sandwiched between two transparent plastic layers.

Polsensorfolie in der Anwendung

Quality assurance

01. The Q-Card in the automotive workshop

  • Testing magnetic sensor rings
  • Determine the installation side of a wheel bearing with integrated sensor ring (ABS)
  • Make damage to sensor rings visible

School and hobby

02. Teaching and model making

  • Makes the magnetic lines on road systems visible
  • Experiments with iron chips and magnets in physics lessons

Magic tricks

01. The Q-Card for magicians

  • Of course we do not reveal that

How does the pole sensor film work?

If the foil is placed on a magnetic field, the iron particles at the poles of the magnet are magnetized and align themselves according to the magnetic field lines. A clear, bright separation line can then be seen at the transition from one pole to the other.

The application is particularly interesting in combination with our MAGNETOflex products, which can be placed side by side for a perfect fit. The flux detector foil serves us in production as a quality assurance instrument for checking pole distances.

As individual as your request

The practical "Q-Card" has the common check card format with 85 mm x 53 mm. With a 7 mm eyelet, you can also attach the magnetic field card to a card yoyo and always have the card handy.

From an order quantity of 100 pieces, you can also have the Q-Card individually printed by us on the front and back.

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